Patches. Check my site for pics im a lazy fuck and dont want to grab a million links
Age3rcm Animations
i am offering animation

Hey there! Are you a faggot that loves horsecocks?
But do you hate those gosh-darn >nohooves?
Then this is the art pack for you!
>inb4 >paying for an art pack
I'm offering a range of official G4 pony merch for sale ranging from brushables to comics to PEZ dispensers. Most are mint in box or are in quite good condition.
Chinese Commission Artwork Expo (CCAE)
Basically we're releasing an art pack publicly for the con for free. Mainly consists of artwork of the mascots, designed with merchandizing in mind (but not for profit). We have started this project since the con planning phase, it's already been paid by anons.
Unfortunately the art pack is not fully completed as of right now, there's still couple of artworks left, we will keep updating the files in the Google Drive below, so stay tuned!

Important links:

Get the art pack here! We would like to hear your opinion on this project. If interested, please fill in this survey
Thank you for stopping by ~ Also, a very special thanks to 3 generous Anonymous that funded this project! It happened because of (You)!