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Twiggie Quest

| Duration:
The Tabletop Game based on the Parody Character Twiggie (or Twiggle) originally created by Jargonscott and written by this other guy Velgarn. It's a randomly generated dungeon crawl, like the old Hero Quest game, where the players control an unique Twiggie, with her own skills and abilities and try to survive to the exit, looting treasures, fighting monsters and pulling the wrong lever.
The event will include the Creator (Velgarn) as the Keeper, and JargonScott himself as one of the players

In defense of pony life!

| Duration:
i will defend kino life on stream live for one hour (might have guests)

/mlk/ - My Little Firearms

| Duration:

Pony Archive Panel: Where shit is and how to find it

| Duration:
Pony content is pony history, and goddamn do I love learning about it and finding things, so I hope you will, too. There will be a few things gone over, but the meat of the panel will be how to go about searching for and finding old pony media: from unlisted videos to thought-to-be lost media to that one video you know you saw years ago but just can't seem to find, as well as how to utilize already available resources and what those resources even are (there's sooo many of them). There will also be a quick Q&A session towards the end, and I'll do my best to answer any questions.

Everfree Outpost 101

| Duration:
How to play Everfree Outpost, for players new to the game. Join the game and follow along! Will cover getting started, building a house, finding hats, and misc Q&A

Bronypalooza 2021

| Duration:
Poni should poni poni. Musically!

/mlp/odcast Live: /mlp/ con 2021 Open Cast

| Duration:
We're doing an open cast for /mlp/ con this year, that means anyone who wants in the podcast can get on.
So expect it to be quite a shitshow.
Besides the convention, it appears DWK was found alive.
And fuck, there's not much else happening I guess?
Well, let's get this shit show over with already.

A sitdown with Shawn Keller

| Duration:
From Disney to Dreamworks to Warner Brothers. Mr Shawn Keller is an animator and is currently working on guardians of pondonia with the hot pony of the moment, Athena. Join us as we ask him about his career and questions from the thread!

Equestrian Monster Manual: Windigoes

| Duration:
A brief guide of the Windigoes in the MLP universe. Along with where the ideas may have came from in our world's mythos and lore.

Waifu Appreciation Stream

| Duration:
A stream with six blocks each dedicated to a member of the mane six. For each block, I'll be streaming an episode (as voted by Anons in the respective waifu threads) as well as a bunch of classic fan videos based around each pony. A chance to get together with fellow appreciators of your waifu and show your love! Of course everyone is invited, even if you waifu a different pony altogether.

Kickyball 2: Electric Boogaloo

| Duration:
FAG teams from /mlp/ play divegrass for your entertainment.

Drawfriends Gone Wild

| Duration:
The world famous Artist Illuminati is back, to take your drawing requests!
Those hack frauds Anontheanon, ahappypichu, Ashtoneer, Imalou, Jargon Scott, Lockheart, Mkogwheel and possibly others will be around to take your drawing requests LIVE!
Anontheanon unironically likes anthro.

LIVE with Shawn Keller

| Duration:
Join Spec and Shawn Keller as we go live to discuss pretty much anything! We will both be reading the cytube chat and answering questions as we go along! There is no filter on what can be asked so join in!

Aftercase Afterhours

| Duration:
Creating content for the board and (you). - And general shitposting.

Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment

| Duration:
Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment is a mlp wrestling show ran in Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Ponies here: Art Request

| Duration:
Do you love changelings and want to bully nulings? You've come to the right place!


| Duration:


| Duration:

Plushfags Show & Tail

| Duration:
A bunch of anons show off their Lyra plushie mostly custom plush ponies of various sizes and types. Talk about plushmancers and commission stories, con stories, and anything else surrounding pony plush. Take a shot for every plush you see a mod for!

Want to show off your pony? Email [email protected] with pics/contact/IM deets.

Random Button on Twibooru

| Duration:
in the long awaited sequel i will be going on Twibooru with any friends with me and reacting to the images/videos that we see, NO FILTERS THIS YEAR.

Equestrian Index: The Apothecaries of Lilly's Valley

| Duration:
A brief guide to one of the few apothecarian orders left on what was known as Equestria. We will dive into their order's organization, responsibilities, and history. We will also briefly take a look at the outside sources that helped inspire these mares into being.

A Decade of Fandom Music

| Duration:
Relive the past decade of the fandom in and out of /mlp/ with a taste of music from each year. Experience some familiar and possibly some new tunes with this journey.

Databending Workshop

| Duration:
An in depth look at glitching ponies with numerous methods; including audio and video!

The Sermon of worshipping

| Duration:
Sacrificing / Worshiping burning ,

The Pony Voice Preservation Project Q&A

| Duration:
Various anons from the Pony Voice Preservation Project showcase their remarkable progress on the road to making wAIfus real. This includes an update on the current state of the pony voices, discussion on making audio content with the voices, Q&A, and ending with a showcase of some of the best AI voice content produced so far.

The PPP Panel Afterparty

| Duration:
A selection of some of the very best AI clips and skits from the board this past year, showcasing just how far the AI has come in such a short time.

ITT at /mlp/ con with Imalou

| Duration:
A couple anons interview Imalou, the artist who went from drawfag threads to actually working on G5 of My Little Pony. We'll talk art, how she got to be involved with the next generation, and other stuff too.


| Duration:
A pony doodle stream where Taski (aka furseiseki) will be drawing reactively to audience input. Might turn into a small CYOA, might turn into random shit.

Come watch, shitpost, or ask me quesions and I might or might not draw sassy pony responses.

/mlp/ the antithology screening

| Duration:
Playing β€œmlp: the anti-thology”, a short collaborative video in the style of the early anthology series, made by various Anons

Days End Reprise

| Duration:
A bunch of streamers associated with the fandom's most successful artpack come together for another round of doodling, stories, shitposting and alcohol. Come in, hang out and leave some money with days end as we celebrate verity and her rescued bretheren.

Writefag Panel

| Duration:
A horsewords writefag (greentext and prose) shares his insights into the wonderful world of writing (specifically fanfiction). Listen in for some laughs, some tears, and perhaps the occasional ethnic slur. It's two hours of learning, examples of good / bad writing, and there will be some shout-outs / special guest messages you WON'T want to miss.

Daily Life with Pony Tulpas

| Duration:
Last year I covered how to make your waifu real through the power of tulpas. This year, I'm going to take you through a bit of the day to day life I have as a busy man with two beautiful companions at my side.

Closing Ceremony thing

| Duration:
We'll talk about the con, what everyone liked, what everyone hated, and I'll probably die of exhaustion.


Spill Spaghetti Now So My Pockets Are Empty Next Year Panel!

| Duration:
I'll be taking any kind of requests and putting them into a hat:
>What kind of requests?
Be creative!
  • Draw requests
  • Video OC requests (short shitposts, YTPs, ect)
  • Audio shitposts?
  • Anything that creates more mare content!

Horse Art Streams: Extending this Con Edition

| Duration:
I'm going to do a draw panel late tonight at 12am EST/GMT -4, aiming it to last 2 to 3 hours.
I will be doing draw requests taken from the Cytube chat and digitally linearting one of my traditional sketches. Just comfy draws and pony music taken from my TF2 pony micspam playlist.
Also, there might be mare milkers.